5 Fun Night out Ideas to Do with the Whole Family

Staying indoors for a fun family night at home is a wonderful way to bond and make great memories. To mix things up periodically, it makes sense to plan some exciting outings with your crew. These are some excellent ideas for evening excursions that your family may enjoy doing together.

Head to the Movie Theater

While you may be looking for a departure from the tradition of family movie night at home, the experience of watching a movie in a theater may be much different. You can load up on snacks and plan to visit a theater with reclining lounge chairs. To add even more fun to the evening, enjoy dinner together beforehand, or treat your family to ice cream afterward.

Make a Movie

A fun variation of watching a movie together is to make your own movie. This experience may take you to urban locations, parks, restaurants and other places. Create a short movie concept at home, and prepare your script. For added fun, dress up for the parts. Share your creation online somewhere like Rotoscopers with family and friends.

Go Camping

Spending time camping in the great outdoors is another excellent idea for family fun. Some families may be comfortable pitching a tent in the backyard and roasting marshmallows on a firepit. Others may venture to a local state park or another camping venue for a mini-adventure.

Hit the Bowling Alley

You can spend several hours at a bowling alley with your family for a fun night out. Some bowling alleys feature arcade games and even a restaurant that offers snacks or dinner. Look for special events at bowling alleys that can add to your great experience.

Try Laser Tag

If you have not yet tried laser tag, you may be missing out on the excellent family fun. Many laser tag arenas have a minimum age limit, and this is typical because of the weight of the vests. However, if your children are in grade school or older, laser tag is a great idea. Like bowling alleys, laser tag arenas often have arcade games and other fun amenities to expand the good times.

When your fun family nights indoors become stale and you are ready to shake things up, make plans to share a night out. You may find that some of these ideas appeal to your family’s interests more than others. Consider trying some bold, new activities to spice up your family experiences and to add exceptional fun to your time together.

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