As pet lovers, we have a love for all pets, no matter the bread. Often times we find that one furry friend is just not enough. Just a walk through our local pet store on an adoption weekend brings my heart to flutter. It is hard not to say yes to that second pet addition.

No matter if the new addition was well planned or love at first sight, we need to keep in mind that the introduction process to the existing family at home needs to be done with care. To help you do just that, we suggest looking into CBD For Dogs and following these helpful tips on introducing a second pet into your family.

Introducing The Second Pet

Leave Your Current Furry Friend Home

When you head to pick up your new pet family member, you should leave your current pet at home. You want to have a special introduction for the two of them when you get back to your destination. Not just toss them together and hope their personalities don’t clash.

Keep in mind that both pets will experience some anxiety about the new situation. It is all new people, new surroundings and now they have to share that space with another. It can be more difficult on adult animals than pups and kittens to get along with others. This is where CBD for pets for can be a big help in keeping everyone calm in the new situation. Just remember to be patient through the process.

How CBD For Dogs Can Help You Introduce a Second Pet

Introduce the Two on Neutral Territory

When you bring a new dog into your home, introduce them in a neutral surrounding. A park or even a nice walk through your neighborhood is a great idea. This way they can meet in passing and not on an already claim territory. This will help alleviate the chances of your current pet from becoming aggressive and attempt to defend their home territory.

Happy, Fun and Quick

When you introduce the two pets to each other, make sure it is all fun and you are showing happy emotions. Use your happy voice when talking to them both. Give them time to sniff each other for a little bit. Then move them away from each other for a few minutes. Then put them back together and let them sniff and then move them away again.  These brief, little interactions will keep their stress level down and will allow them to learn each other. This moment is important as they will remember this moment once you bring the two home.

Don’t Force It

Two pets meeting for the first time does not always mean you will have an emotional reaction. Sometimes they will just turn away as if the other was never there. If the pets don’t want to say “hi” to each other when you first introduce them, that’s okay. Don’t force them into an interaction.

Just because they don’t respond right away to each other doesn’t mean they won’t like each other later on. In fact, a brush off from the two is far better than an aggressive moment. Let them move at their pace as they are getting used to each other. Otherwise, you could cause rivalry later down the road.

How CBD For Dogs Can Help You Introduce a Second Pet

Sharing is Caring

Keep in mind that when you are introducing a new pet into your home, that until that moment, your dog’s toys, treats and bones were theirs. And theirs alone! Now they are going to have to figure out how to share. This is not a natural reaction to your pet. It maybe the hardest one you come across to date.

Consider keeping the pets separate in the beginning especially during meal times. Also while to give them their own attention during playtime with the toys until they have settled in with each other. However, whenever possible you should try to use the same toy. This will help both scents mix and the ownership of the toy begin to combine.


It takes all pets time to build relationships with each other. FOMO Bones are a great introduction to CBD for your dog and can help keep the calm when meeting for the first few times. Even at a young age mixing two that were not born together can be a bit frantic at times. Keep in mind that with each passing day it will get better. They will become accustomed to having each other in their pace. They will realize that you are not replacing one with the other.

It will take time for everyone in the house to get adjusted to having a new family member so be patient. This includes you as well. A second pet means double your owner duties. There is no time to slack off on the training and upkeep that each pet deserves.

Lastly don’t forget that like us, our pets have feelings too. Make sure to pass the love and praise around to both pets. This will help develop a lasting, joyous home.

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