Clutter Detox: Spring Cleaning Tips

You would most likely agree with the fact that everyone has some little junk around them. Well, some of us may be having more than little. We all need to get rid of unwanted stuff in our houses, regardless.

Psychological studies reveal that people tend to be more disoriented when surrounded by more stuff than the necessary. Simply, some mess around you can stress you up and hence affect your productivity.

With less clutter in your house, you will have more room for family and friends. If you are a lone monger, you still get to enjoy all the space at your disposal. You may sit down read a novel, watch a movie and still stretch out while enjoying it.

For whatever reasons for decluttering your house, you may count on the following amazing ideas on how to go about it.

Set Goals

Realistic goals serve as fuel for your move. Most apparently, even if you put all the effort there is in the world without a goal, you would just be going round circles.

And no matter how much clutter you are set to get rid of, starting with specific goals will save you frustration as you work through. Look at these simple things to keep in mind:

  •       List all the rooms/ areas you want to declutter
  •       Sample all the areas which require much attention, according to the severity of their clutter
  •       Grade all the areas based on the extent to which they are affected. You may grade them from 1-3 (3 being the most affected)
  •       Do one space at a time
  •       Set completion dates for each space/ room. Be sure to set realistic dates to avoid frustration.
  •       Be sure to set timelines based on rooms demand for your efforts. Allocate more hours to the most cluttered rooms and vice versa

Come Up With a Sorting System

Clutter Detox: Spring Cleaning Tips

For a successful declutter of your house, you will need to come up with your own a sorting system, or make use of the most popular ones such as “Four Box Method.”

The four box method, for instance, requires you to set up four boxes, label them Trash, Give away, Keep or Relocate. Then as you go through decluttering, each item should fall into one of the boxes. And no matter which method you choose to employ, the goal is to take the first step with confidence.

Now Embark On Declutter Mission

Do you ever feel pissed off when giving away your stuff which cost you some bucks? Well, this is how it feels for everyone. And considering the risks of a cluttered house, you may have no option other than “keep the memory, get rid of the stuff.” You may follow the following tips for an easy decluttering of your house.

1. Keep Like Things Together

You should categorize things based on their similarity. This way, you will make your house neat and organized. For instance, if you have books all over your room, it makes the most sense to have them to gather and keep them by genre or topic. Then decide on which ones to keep or get rid of.

2. Track The Items You Still Use

You should track those things that are still useful, then get rid of the less important. You may do it this way; when you use stuff, mark it used, or keep it in a way different from the unused ones. Continue with this for one year. At the end of the year, sample the unused stuff. Then get rid of them. This tip works well with clothes, books, and DVDs, among others.

3. Make Use Of 80/20 Rule

This rule indicates that we mostly use 20% of our stuff 80% of our time. This tip should help get rid of unwanted clothes, books, DVDs, etc., that you don’t use 80% of your time.

4. Get Away With Jewelry Clutter

Clutter Detox: Spring Cleaning Tips

Your used jewelry contributes significantly to a cluttered house (ladies buy jewelry, right?).

Sometimes, these pieces of jewelry may remind you of a particular event or person and may be hard to part with. However, it still feels good to get rid of items from our home, especially if they would make some extra cash. “Are there jewelry buyers near me?” You ask. The answer is yes! You can shop around and see which location gives you the best offer for your unwanted jewelry.

5. Sleep On It

Aah! This tip is wonderful. It applies after you’ve decided to get rid of something. But do you still need? Can you afford to lose it? Or will you will get up tomorrow and trace it from trash next day? Well, why not sleep on it first, and if it’s something you can’t live without, you will know it in the morning. You then can comfortably pull it out of junk bin and throw it away, for good.

6. Start Small

Do you fear frustrations, or just to see the world mocking your efforts? Alright, if you are like me, you would start small (less cluttered areas). Get some sense of accomplishment there. Then head over to larger areas. That way, you will find the whole process simple and doable.

7. Teach Your Kids

This is of course for those of us who are parents. When you teach your kids where things belong, and show them how to put them there, you are likely to easy time decluttering your house.

8. Treat Decluttering As an Ongoing Task

Clutter Detox: Spring Cleaning Tips

If you want an easy time decluttering your house, treat it as an ongoing process. Always have designated place for items that you are sure of getting rid of, and another for the things that you’re not quite sure.

The lovely thing about decluttering a house is that though you are getting rid of stuff, it makes your life feel more peaceful, organized and hence meaningful.

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