Getting Your Skin Winter Ready with Diamond Hemp Skincare

We all know that dreaded feeling of wanting to look perfect when those winter months hit. We all have equally good intentions – to work out, wax our legs, prepare our shopping list for skincare products with moisturizers and just make it through the first snow with looking like a frozen snow bunny.

While all those good intentions are great, a little work may be needed in order to really be prepared for healthy and attractive winter skin. Even more so to keep it that way during the long winter months.

Preparation is really key in getting your skin winter ready. After the long burn of summer and wind of fall, nobody can expect to wake up perfectly ready to take on your first snow day. Winter can take a toll on our bodies and being ready is your best bet for maintaining healthy skin.

A Little Fall Cleaning for Your Skin

When fall time hits, it is important to take a good look at your cosmetics. Chances are that you are using what is left over from your summer stock. Take a look at your moisturizer. They only last about a year and you need one that will give you the most moisturizing power punch during the dry winter month. Perhaps it is time to replace that moisturizer with either of these:

* A tinted moisturizer to maintain that healthy glow.
* Hemp Moisturizers made with organic antioxidants and pure hemp oil. These can be used daily to help maintain the youth of your skin while fighting the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Next, take a look at your skin. Has being outdoors created a dry, semi-burned appearance? Start by either purchasing, or making at home, all-natural facial cleansers that contain things such as cucumber and/or sea salt. These things will prepare your skin as it cleanses it while waiting for deep winter months.

Getting Your Skin Winter Ready with Diamond Hemp Skincare

Winter Makeup

Check your cosmetic colors as well. Typically, many women utilize summer colors that are a bit lighter and brighter than they would during the winter months. See what needs replacing or, better yet, what needs recreating. You can essentially use some of your favorites from those palettes by adding a bit of gold or brown to the mix.

Richer winter makeup in metallics and neutrals are wonderful choices for the colder months. Still a more natural look is better overall for all year round. But breaking out the bling for those holiday gatherings is always fun.

Lip balms instead of lipstick. Choice a good lip balm for everyday use during the colder months. This will keep your lips protected against the winter elements including wind and dryness. No one wants to deal with chapped, painful lips.


Just like with summer, hydration is key. Keep your water intake to a healthy level. This will help your skin stay moisturized. Heating indoor can cause a drying effect to our bodies and this is the best way to combat this winter problem.

In addition, you will want to add Hemp Creams to your skincare routine. During the winter, the need for all over moisturization is of the utmost importance. Pay special attention to the elbows, legs and soles of your feet during this time of year.

Sun, Wind and Your Skin Now

Begin by stepping out into the sun a few minutes each day, either during your lunch hour or by taking a walk throughout the morning before hitting the showers. This will help keep your serotonin levels up and help maintain that warm glow.

Of course, any time you go out into the sun, it is important to wear a moisturizer with sunscreen. Yes, even in the winter. Though sunburn may not be a concern, cold temperatures and drying winds are.

Also, be sure to continue to wear proper eyeglasses and outdoor wear. Protecting your eyes, hands and ears are just as important as your cheeks. When possible also wear a scarf to help keep the neck area from chapping from the winter weather.

Keep in mind that the winter months can take a toll on your skin. Staying moisturized and hydrated is key to maintaining a youthful glow year round.

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