Essential Kit List for New Dog Owners

If you’re about to welcome a new puppy or dog into your home, congratulations! Dogs make wonderful pets if you’re able to give them the love, time and care which a dog needs in order to thrive. It’s a big responsibility and in many ways is like adding another family member, but for most people, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Dogs are loyal, loving, a lot of fun and can even provide an extra level of home security.

To help you get ready for the arrival of your canine companion, here are some of the essential items of kit all new dog owners should have.

Food and Water Bowls

You’ll need to make sure you have a supply of age-appropriate food for your dog as well as some non-slip food and water bowls. If the dog is a large one, consider bowls which are raised off the floor. When it comes to treatsand calming additions their diet, FOMO Bones can help new dog owners.

Bed and Bedding

Your puppy or dog will need somewhere to sleep, and there are plenty of types of beds to choose from. If you’re getting a puppy, it’s best to get a bed which will still be big enough when they’re fully grown. Your dog may also appreciate some blankets or pillows to snuggle in.

Travel Crate

When traveling with your dog in a car, he or she needs to be restrained so that they can’t distract you or interfere with the operation of the vehicle. The best solution is a cage or crate for the dog which fits into your boot or backseat. This means the dog has its own safe and comfortable space in the car and prevents luggage from squashing them.


Depending on the length of your dog’s coat, you may want to buy a coat to give them some extra warmth during the cold weather. Even some owners of long-haired dogs choose to buy waterproof coats to help keep their dogs protected from rain and dirt. It will need to be the right size and to fit them comfortably.

Collar & Identity Disc

The collar you choose for your dog needs to be the correct size to ensure it fits securely but comfortably; if it can slip over the dog’s head it is too big, but you should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck.

It’s also a very good idea to attach an identity disc to the collar with your contact details on it; if your dog becomes lost, this will make it much more likely that they will be returned to you.

Dog Walking Kit

Dogs need to be walked at least twice a day, so you’ll need a lead at the very least as well as some poo bags to clean up after them. Retractable leads are the best option to give you flexibility over the amount of control you have over the dog’s movements. You should also consider pet trackers with GPS like those reviewed on Wired Smart as these will help you keep track of your dog should they become lost.

Grooming Essentials

To keep your dog looking, smelling, and feeling their best you should get a brush to maintain their coat as well as dog shampoo for regular baths. Periodontal disease can also be a problem as dogs age so more and more dog owners are using toothbrushes and dog toothpaste to help prevent dental issues.


Finally, dogs need to be entertained! Invest in some high-quality chew toys which will not only keep them busy but will help keep their teeth clean and jaws strong. Balls and frisbees are also a popular choice for outdoor playtime.

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