Extreme Hobbies by Land - ATV Mudding

Do you love the rush of adrenaline you feel when you participate in an extreme sport? Do you also live in a land locked state? You can combine those two criteria and enjoy a number of extreme land hobbies to delight your inner daredevil. Just take a look at what’s available.

ATV Mudding

Have you ever looked at a large muddy area and think how fun it would be to get dirty? Then, ATV mudding maybe just the extreme sport for you. Suit up in full gear before you head out as this ride is about to get fast and dirty. Race through the backwoods or local ATV Extreme trail with only two goals in mind: speed and mud. This sport will leave you out of breath and laughing because playing in the dirt is something you never really outgrow. With this and many of the sports on this list, keeping your gear in top running shape is important and that is where Polaris Parts Nation can help. They offer a vast selection of parts, accessories and gear to keep you going longer and stronger.

Street Luge

If you’ve ever watched the winter Olympics then you know what the luge is. It’s a sport where the athlete is positioned on their back upon a sled. Then, they zip down an icy tube. Street luge is the same except that instead of an icy tube, you’re on a steep and winding street. It’s not for the faint of heart nor the unprotected. A helmet and full body protection is highly recommended.

Extreme Hobbies by Land

Rock Climbing

If you enjoy testing your strength, problem solving abilities and ascending to crazy heights then you might enjoy rock climbing. There are many different types of rock climbing so you’re sure to find a style that suits you. If you are new to the sport, explore a climbing wall first or consider hiring a climbing guide to get you and your way. Rock climbing is even fun if you live in an area that gets ice and snow because you can always try ice climbing in the winter.

Volcano Surfing

Snowboarders needed something to do in the summertime when the slopes are covered in grass. So, they took out their boards and decided to try them on surfaces that aren’t so green. It lead to the evolution of what is now called volcano surfing or volcano boarding. You ride your snowboard down the steep slopes of volcanic ash. Because most folks don’t live near volcanoes, you can also ride down steep sand dunes. Depending on the type of board, you may be able to ride on the grass.

Extreme Hobbies by Land - Parkour


Also called free running this is the sport of well-rounded athletes. You run and maneuver whatever obstacles come your way. It may mean jumping over cars, climbing buildings, or jumping large gaps between obstacles. It requires gymnastic ability, flexibility, strength and endurance. Parkour can include running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, and even crawling depending on the course. It’s becoming quite popular and you may have a parkour training facility in your community.

Dirt biking

If you prefer hobbies that involve wheels, why not try dirt biking? There are many different sports to consider, from competitive motocross activities to extreme dirt bike jumping and stunts. If you prefer four wheels to two then look at rock crawling for jeeps and rally car events.

Mountain biking

Another opportunity for an extreme land hobby is to take up mountain biking. Like many other sports there are different styles or types of mountain biking. For example, downhill mountain biking takes you down steep ski-runs. Trail riding may take you over natural obstacles while trials requires you to maneuver around and over urban obstacles.

If you have a penchant for sports and hobbies that push your limits? Then take a look at the many opportunities available for extreme enthusiasts. From surfing volcanoes to jumping parked cars, there is a hobby for you. Which will you choose?

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