Your soon-to-be kindergartener isn’t going to be turned away from school for failure to say and recognize the entire alphabet, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t want them to be somewhat familiar with the basics. Here are some DIY activities to do with your little one to get them ready for school.

Make a Chalkboard on the Fridge

Some fridges come equipped as makeshift chalkboards, but you can always make your own too. Chalkboard paint makes that a reality. You can put it on anything, but the side of the fridge is an excellent space to utilize. Black chalkboard paint is an excellent selection that can beautify your kitchen, but you have a range of other colors to choose. Use different colored chalk to write ABC’s, write names and practice kindergarten site words. Your kids can draw, and you can also use it for your grocery list, schedules and more.

Make a Piñata

Piñatas are extra fun for little kids. You may not want to hit this piñata when you’re done. You can hang it in their room, or put it up on a shelf. A lot of kindergarten has to do with cutting, pasting and making crafts of all sorts, so a piñata offers the perfect practice to mastering these skills. All you need is cardboard, tape, paste and tissue paper. Make any three-dimensional object, and cover with tissue paper.

Make a Nightlight

Branch out further in your DIY projects with more cutting and pasting, but include a bit of science. You can make a special nightlight out of a shipping tube. The nightlight can be used for a nighttime routine to help your child get used to having a routine and getting ready for school. Cut out desired shapes or animals. Paint it or color it otherwise. Attach a light bulb inside that’s connected to a cord.

Make a Schoolbag

This is an especially fun project for kids because they’re excited about going to a “big kid” school for the first time. You can create a schoolbag for them in a couple of ways. The fun thing about it is that they get to choose their own fabric, characters, decals and more. All you need to do is design a pattern to use, cut out your fabric, and sew it. If you want a simple tote, it’s an easier pattern to follow.

Kindergarten is one of the best experiences a kid can have, but some kids experience anxiety when they don’t feel ready for school. Getting them ready will help them feel secure an excited.

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