It may seem as though your kids are spending too much time with their electronics. This may be considered more acceptable when the weather outside is cold and dreary. The approaching summer months may mean that you want your kids spending more time outside. Here are some ideas to get your kids more involved this summer and away from the screen.

Encourage Active Outdoor Adventures

Set up an outdoor adventure playground in your backyard. Have them help you build a treehouse or a playhouse. This will allow them to learn some skills and get outside. Build a sandbox and a bubble station that will entice them away from their electronic devices. Do whatever you can to encourage them to want to be outdoors more this summer. They may find that they don’t miss spending time with their electronics. Still allow them a set amount of time each day so that they can take some downtime of their own.

Plan a Family Vacation

Schedule that family vacation that you’ve always wanted to take. You may want to plan a boating trip to a unique lakeside location, such as Lake Powell in Utah. The scenery there is something that you shouldn’t miss. You have the choice of renting a boat or purchasing one. If you decide to purchase a boat, make sure to get a good insurance plan. Look into insurance companies for all of your insurance needs.

Visit Your Local Library

Oftentimes, your local library will have story time or some other event tailored to kids. This will get everyone out of the house and meeting new people. Your kids may discover a new friend that they can hang out with this summer. It also gives your kids a good opportunity to select some books for their summer reading. Everyone can win with this situation. Your library likely posts a lot of free activities that you do together during the summer months.

Enroll in Summer Camps

A summer camp is a good way to get your kids out of the house. Enroll them in activities that they enjoy and aren’t offered in school. You may find that expanding their horizons can develop their interests in other subjects. This is sometimes referred to as enrichment activities. Many of these summer camps will last all day. You can go to work and know that your kids aren’t sitting at home on their electronic devices all day.

Too much screen time may be contributing to the rise in childhood obesity. Take steps to have your kids be more active for their lifelong health.

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