How To Get An Authentic Experience In A New Country

When you travel to a new destination, you will always want to explore and get an authentic experience. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be hard to come by particularly when you choose a destination that is popular with tourists. When you go to tourist destinations, you are not getting an authentic experience in the slightest, and it is unlikely to feel too different to back home (it is also likely to be more expensive!). Therefore, it is important that you know how to get an authentic experience when you travel to somewhere new so that you can see the real heart and soul. Here are a few tips for discovering this.

Don’t Book Package Holidays

Package holidays are appealing because it can take all of the stress out of arranging a holiday and in some cases, they can help you to save money. Despite this, you do not get an authentic experience, and you are likely to have a vacation that caters to the masses which means that it will be as easy as possible.

Research Online

Instead of a package holiday, spend time researching your destination to try and find the best places to go away from the tourist traps. The internet is a fantastic resource for this if you know how to use it correctly. While there will be a lot of bad advice out there, travel websites and online communities like Reddit can be excellent for finding out unique information and for getting recommendations.

How To Get An Authentic Experience In A New Country


The best way to explore a new country is to drive through it. When you fly into a major airport or arrive into a train station, you do not get the chance to explore the areas in between the major destinations and this is often where the true heart of a country is. Discount International car rental places allow you to hire a car for an affordable cost and you are then free to explore as you wish. This should include stopping off at the lesser known spots and speaking to the locals…

Speak To The Locals

Following on from this, the best way to get an authentic experience in a new country is to speak to the locals and ask where they recommend so that you get a glimpse of how they live and experience the country. They will, of course, not want an influx of tourists into their best-kept secrets, but if you are friendly with them, courteous and keep it a secret then they may offer a few recommendations (it is helpful if you can ask in their language too!)

When you visit a new country, you should always try to get an authentic experience in order to see how the locals live, try new things and broaden your horizons. The tourist spots do not provide you with this and often they are overcrowded and overpriced. It can be hard to know how to avoid a guidebook version of a destination, but these tips should help you to scratch below the surface.

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