Heading Towards The Fascinating World Of Instagram Photos In Email Marketing Campaigns

There are so many times when you have thought of automatically share some of the happy snaps from Instagram account with the subscribers? Moreover, there are times when you have to brighten the newsletters with the hashtags and then the relative word to go with it. With the help of Statigram and RSS to email, it is always possible for you to pull feed of photos right into the email content. Well, it might be difficult for some people to know the ways involved in this sector. So, you better check out the options now for better advice and introductions.

Bringing in Instagram to the inbox can always prove to be an itch that you might have wanted to scratch for a long time now. Sometimes, you can play the role of an IG tragic, where o outing or entrée will go unnoticed or unrecorded. So, this proper idea of just sharing some of the heavily filtered moments through email is something, which you find out to be quite irresistible.  

Checking on with the world of RSS:

For the longest possible time, the issue, which might have prevented the senders from pulling in photos automatically, has been that IG does not provide the best RSS feed for either the hashtags or the accounts. Then comes the world of Statigram, which is a free using service for hitting both birds. It will be using the feeds, pulling in the images, descriptions and also linking to the said image. After that, it is going to plunk them right into templates. You will come to realize the importance of RSS feed for growing Instagram followers by just logging online and learning from the pros working in this sector for long.

Heading Towards The Fascinating World Of Instagram Photos In Email Marketing Campaigns

Getting hands on the RSS feed for the hash tag or account:

Statigram is able to offer you with two feed URLs designed for the hashtags and accounts respectively. For that, there are some formats, which people might have to follow to get on with this statement. Those two examples over here are http://statigr.am/feed/your-account and http://statigr.am/tagFeed/your-hashtag. These URLs are just going to work in an efficient manner in the RSS reader as they might do the same in the email campaigns for the section. Now, that you have gotten the content, it is time to move on towards the notions of placing it right in the email campaign.

Time for using the IG photos in the recurring email based campaign:

Here, you might have to well start by adding photos to the recurring RSS campaigns right at first, as it is always stated to be by far the easiest way to ensure that the images are getting pulled right into the email templates. It is always noted to be one good option if you are planning to share photos automatically and right on regular basis.

  • To get started in this category, you have no other option but to create new campaign and then select the option “recurring RSS campaign” whenever asked for.
  • After that, for the next step, you have to just add the feed URL under the tag line stating start with the address of your website. This way you can easily get the recent photos pulled right in the place you have asked for now.
  • Under the website’s address, the experts will grab contents of the website link provided and then send the same as recurring email to recipients.
  • Always remember that if there are no new photos in this regard, taking during the weekly, monthly or even daily time period between the said recurring campaigns, then a campaign will not be send.

Once you have got your hands on the ways to pull images to the assertive destination, it is time to show you ways on how you can drive auto content with the help of RSS Template Tags.

Heading Towards The Fascinating World Of Instagram Photos In Email Marketing Campaigns

Using the help of IG photos with the help of single click content:

There are times when you might be feeling crafty with codes. During such instances, it is going to be one simple task to add that RSS content section to the said email template and end up taking advantage of the content functionality with a single click to it. If you log online, you will check out some detailed examples of abridged snippet from the noted example campaigns out there, which will be featuring the company’s template tags. If everything goes as planned, then it will prove to be super easy for you to pull in the current Statigram RSS Feed with the help of email editor.

  • Always remember that single click content is a perfect way to add photos in a rapid manner to the email campaign.
  • As an example, you might just try to add candid IG photos that customers took at any recent event or want to highlight the own business based IG account under your name.
  • With the help of this service, you can further get the opportunity to filter photos that you might like and even the ones that you do not like within the email editor as well.

That forms to be one of the reasons for you to be using RSS feed of the IG photos in the current email campaigns. People are quite jazzed up to see how you are planning to address your campaigns with the help of social media. There are times, when you might have thought of adding content to campaigns using this same technique off RSS feed and proud of the results associated. If you have done one already and quite happy with the ways things have turned out to be, then make sure to set an example for others to follow.

Working hard on RSS feed for the IG photos can clearly be portrayed in the email campaigns and end up being the proper marketing tactics for not just you, but even your company. Logging online to get some noted help will work its way out for sure towards betterment.

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