Why Your Business Needs an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Losing data in your business could end up costing you thousands, as well as losing custom. An IT disaster recovery plan should be one of your top priorities in your company to avoid becoming another horror story of a company gone bust due to loss of data. Having a plan in case the worst happens is essential. With so many things that can go wrong such as human error, natural disasters and hardware failure, there is no better time to start than now on a recovery plan.

Save Money

Your company’s data is priceless and losing it cannot be put down to a specific cost. This being said, there are certain costs involved in recovering data if you do not have an IT disaster recovery plan. One study carried out by The Diffusion Group found that many small businesses who suffered from loss of electronic data closed down within 6 months of this disaster occurring. This was almost 60% of the small businesses involved in the study, as they could not afford to get back on track afterwards. For more information on the true cost of recovering data when you do not have a plan in place, check out this article by Workspace.

Retain Customers

If a customer knows you have lost vital information regarding them and you do not have the ability to recover this information, they may well lose trust in your business. There is nothing more embarrassing than having to find customers that you have lost and asking them again for important details. You may lose a lot of information about potential customers too, meaning you will no longer be able to reach out to them and therefore lose more custom. Having an IT disaster recovery plan makes you, as a business, look more professional. If your hard drive does crash, there are ways you can recover information before things get worse. Secure Data Recovery can aid businesses who have a breach in their data, or lose important data from mobile devices, as well as hard drives.

Prevent Your Business from Failing

You could be doing absolutely everything right in your business, from having the correct business plan to hiring the right candidates, but if you do not have an IT disaster recovery plan, your business may still fail. There is no use putting in so much time and effort into your business if the next day your hard drive fails, and you lose every single bit of vital information needed for your business to run effectively and you have to start all over again. If you do not have the cash to do this, your business will then fail and all of your blood, sweat and tears would be for nothing.

An IT disaster recovery plan means you have a routine in place just in case something does happen. The worst may never happen, but knowing you are prepared can save time and money and ensure you do not lose more cash, customers or your entire business.

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