In the era of the pandemic, the stay-at-home and social distancing orders have made everyone confused. If you are also feeling bored and want to have the creative juices flowing, you should divert your attention toward other home activities and hobbies. Any constructive hobby will not only keep you active, but you can also find the mental comfort that the pandemic has taken away.

Here are ten lockdown activities to inspire creativity, so you will not end up with stress and depression at the end of COVID-19.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Cooking

We all love to eat delicious food, and following a recipe can be great too. You may not have carefully visited your kitchen before, but the pandemic has given you a chance to master your cooking skills or just focus on small cooking ideas such as making soup, roasting the beef steaks, etc.

Yummy food always turns out to be great fun that will blow your mind.

10 Lockdown Activities To Inspire Creativity

2. Blogging

It is no secret that creative writing is a very cathartic activity that you should be focusing on in 2021, but what about sharing your writing content with the world and generating some revenue out of it? Now you have much time to put pen to paper or fingers on the laptop and create the content masterpieces. You can include timely articles about your experiences and add colorful images at no or low cost using tools like this 4th of July clipart piece.

Many of us may write diaries or personal notes, but the pandemic has given you a lot of time to kickstart your blogging journey.

3. Reading

Reading is the best way to surround yourself with inspirational ideas and sayings. It is an entrance to the new world of imagination where you feel isolated from the external world. It would be best if you can find a place where you can read without interruptions and in the company of nature.

It will not only make you more creative but also give you some sound knowledge about life.

4. Window painting

10 Lockdown Activities To Inspire Creativity

Though you cannot proceed with professional home renovation due to lockdown, coloring and painting your windows can be a great DIY home decoration idea. It will not only keep you busy, but you will also get a sense of accomplishment after completing it.

The bright designs, illustrations, and phrases on the windows make them an exciting part of your home.

The pro tip?

Choose the washable window paints so you will be able to change the designs and phrases and add the new ideas to your windows whenever you want.

5. Learning A New Language

All of us may have thought about learning a new language in our lives but never got time for that. Right? Why not use this spare time in learning Italian, Chinese or French? Here’s your chance.

The best part is that now the Internet has made it possible for everyone to learn a new language in the comfort of home. Moreover, you do not have to spend even a single penny for it as YouTube, and other video-sharing platforms and websites are full of free content available for anyone.

It is a creative activity that will give your brain a workout and help you improve your communication skills.

6. Gardening

10 Lockdown Activities To Inspire Creativity

Have you hired a gardener to look after your home garden? Now let him take a rest for a few weeks. Gardening is a very healthy activity that will soften and freshen your mind, improve your sleep, decrease boredom, increase your connection with nature and also help you maintain a healthy weight.

When you maintain your beautiful garden, you will love to spend time in the company of green leaves and flowers.  You can also grow vegetables in the home garden like tomatoes, chilies, and spinach. They will not only grow quickly but also blow your mind when you cook them.

7. Learning To Play An Instrument

No matter what your age and gender are, learning music is something we are all equally passionate about. Nowadays, online music teachers are available who can help you with that.

Just pick up your favorite instrument and start playing it. Most of us have played the little pianos in our childhood, and you will also enjoy it now in the pandemic.

8. Drawing Or Painting A Picture

Drawing Or Painting A Picture

Drawing and painting are great ways of expressing your feelings. Whether you love sketching or want to paint objects or landscapes, you will enjoy doing it. In the end, you can hang the canvas in your room to increase the decoration element.

The Internet is loaded with DIY painting ideas and drawing tips. For example, ice cream clipart and illustrations fascinate me the most.

Playing with colors and creative painting ideas can be more interesting than you think.

9. Dancing

Don’t you find it interesting to take online dance studios’ classes and polish your dancing skills? We all have fancied trying, but our hectic and busy lifestyles do not allow us to do so.

This is the perfect time to throw some shaped to uplifting music and see how it looks when you dance. You can also record your dancing videos to watch them later in your life as a great memory. 

10. YouTubing

10 Lockdown Activities To Inspire Creativity

Vlogging or YouTubing can help you share your feelings, pandemic routine, and any skill you want to share with the world, such as cooking, writing, photography, etc. Though it may take some time to monetize your YouTube channel, you can enjoy a lot of exposure and a feeling of connectedness.

Till now, you may have spent your time in content consumption, but what about creating the content for other people? It definitely makes sense when you have some solid knowledge or information you want to share with the world.

Inspired yet? It’s Time To Kickstart Your Creative Journey

There are plenty of things that you can do at home to keep yourself busy, creative, and active. The ideas mentioned above will keep your mind occupied during the pandemic and help you gain new skills that will benefit you in the long run.

If you are also feeling bored, just sitting and doing nothing, you should consider any of these ideas to bring a positive and creative change in your life.

By the way, which of the above-mentioned activities do you like the most?

Window painting or dancing? Either way, make a quick comment right now and share your ideas with us

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