How to Market to Millennials?

As with everything affected by technology, the landscape for marketing is changing every day. The first principle of marketing, however, always stays the same: know your audience.

People between the ages of 18 and 34 make up the most significant part of the world’s economy. Here are four strategies for marketing to millennials.

1. Find Them Where They’re At

The first and most important step is expanding your campaign to the popular social media outlets millennials spend time on. Surprisingly, Facebook and Twitter are not where this group is the most active.

Instead, apps like Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat are extremely popular across Generation Y. In fact, some surveys show that over 70% of millennials use Snapchat every day. These platforms are highly visual in nature, and successful marketing campaigns on these apps center around pictures and videos that promote your brand.

2. Create Organic Content

In past generations, it was easier to convince potential buyers with generic sales copy. From direct mail to print ads in newspapers and magazines, general advertisements used to get the job done. Millennials prefer content that is less sales-driven and more organic.

Growing up with the internet, millennials have been exposed to a higher density of ads than any earlier generation. They have become desensitized to certain fundamentals of advertising psychology. Today, marketing especially needs to come off as genuine; companies need to create informational content that brings value to their industries. Companies can fill this content with nuanced suggestions towards their products, but the advertising must be subtle. A little bit goes a long way.

3. Utilize Thought Leadership

Millennials have a tendency of buying specifically from personalities. For this reason, it’s important to build your own personality as much as possible within your industry.

One of the greatest titles you can earn among millennials is “thought leader”. This is a title given to industry leaders who have strong local and online presences. These people rise to this position through the consistent creation of valuable organic content.

Many thought leaders devote huge amounts of time to building their reputation, and it’s not possible for everyone to reach that level — especially when your business requires attention in so many other areas. As a result, arranging deals with current leaders to promote your brand is one of the easiest ways to get in on the action. When your company appears on a popular Snapchat or Instagram account, you’re sure to see an immediate boost in leads.

4. Promote “Use” Over “Ownership”

Last, millennials are not very concerned with the idea of property. This mentality is what makes title loans in Jacksonville such a popular option — millennials value usefulness above all.

Ease of access is one of the most important concepts to consider while marketing to millennials. Today’s world is filled with subscription services that stream content to millennials when and where they need it. Companies like Netflix and Spotify have developed the perfect business model to capitalize on this mentality.

Even without creating a unique subscription-based service, it’s crucial to sell millennials on the extreme accessibility of your product or service. The past 50 years of marketing advice points towards capitalizing on ‘pride of ownership’, but these techniques are as outdated as the print ads they appeared on.

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