4 Reasons Why Men Should Read Romance Novels

Long considered a genre for women, romance literature has often gone unnoticed amongst the male population. With the popularity of books like E. L. James’ Fifty Shades series, even more women are flocking to the romance section at bookstores. But could men benefit from reading romance novels?

There are several reasons for why men should read romance novels, and not all of them have to do with sex. While not all men will likely jump on the romance-reading wagon, some may be more inclined to do so once they discover a few of the benefits that can be found from reading romance novels.

Better Foreplay

Porn tends to skip the foreplay and jump straight into getting down to business, while romance novels take their time and describe, in detail, how the arousal developed between the lovers. Learning new ways to initiate foreplay can help with intimacy in any relationship, as foreplay helps to ensure that both partners are equally aroused.


Romance novels are often depicted in third person, allowing the reader to experience both the male lead’s and female lead’s emotions. While these emotions might not be entirely realistic, they do allow men the opportunity to think the way a woman thinks, so to speak. Romance authors tend to do a great job at capturing the complexities behind relationships, bdsm hookup scenes and such as what is holding the relationship back.


If anything, one benefit men would receive from reading romance novels would be getting new ideas for fun things to do in the bedroom. As with porn, romance novels are filled with ideas that go beyond just the basic missionary position. There are even romance novels that cater to specific fetishes and sex styles, such as BDSM.

Reading is Learning

Regardless of anyone’s opinion of romance novels, it is still considered reading when someone reads them. There are some fantastic writers in the romance genre, and reading their books can, if anything, provide the reader with insights into sentence structure, dialects, character creation, and more. 

Romance Novels Men Might Like

One series that has found it’s way into male and female hands alike is E. L. James’ Fifty Shades series. The book follows the BDSM relationship of millionaire Christian Grey and college student/editor Ana Steele. The first book in the series is Fifty Shades of Grey, followed by Fifty Shades Darker, with the last installment of the series being Fifty Shades Freed. While this series is typically read by women, men might enjoy the unique BDSM relationship between the two characters. The use of bdsm dating sites is an interesting format to bring more light to the series and behaviors surrounding the interactions.

Another book that men might find appealing is Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. The book is similar to Fifty Shades with the good girl/bad boy vibe. The two characters the story centers around are in college, with the male lead working as a boxer/fighter for a living, so some men might find that aspect of the book appealing.

Men Should Read Romance for Themselves

While one of the main reasons people often recommend that men read romance novels is so they can please their partner better, they should really be reading romance novels for themselves. Romance novels can be a way for a man to experience emotions that society has taught them to suppress because those emotions wouldn’t make them “macho” enough. By reading romance novels, men are allowed to explore those emotions that they have been told to suppress and allow themselves to explore a world of sexuality that they might not have ever experienced before.

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