Must Do's When You Visit Florida

Florida is packed full of things to see, places to experience, and activities to fill your time. What you must do depends on what your goals are and what you care about.

Are you the type who enjoys theme parks? Nature? Sailing? Or do you just think “beaches” whenever someone mentions “Florida”? No matter what category you find yourself in, the list below contains the best experiences Florida has to offer.

Must Do's When You Visit Florida

Go Sailing and Experience the Water

If nothing else, Florida is one of the best destinations for anyone serious about sailing. Further, for those with experience, the ports in southern Florida make it easy to sale on to many popular islands.

  • Rent a Boat – No matter if you’re looking at Ft. Lauderdale boat rentals or boat rentals in Pensacola, renting a boat is an excellent choice for anyone with sailing skills or those just starting out. Nothing beats first-hand experience.
  • Take Private Classes – For anyone who isn’t sure how they feel about sailing, taking a private class can help you get used to being on the water.
  • Go On a Dolphin Watching Cruise – Florida gives everyone many ways to interact with the local marine wildlife, if you’d rather observe from afar than up-close and personal, dolphin watching tours allow you to relax and take in the views.
  • Visit the International Boat Show – Ft. Lauderdale, nicknamed the “Yachting Capital of the World,” hosts the International Boat Show each fall.
  • Everyday Tours and Sunset Sailing – If you aren’t confident in your own sailing skills, but want to spend time on the water, some companies in Florida will take you on a tour, to a local beach, an island, or nowhere in particular for a few hours.

Must Do's When You Visit Florida

Connect with Nature

Florida has great weather most of the time and dozens of natural attractions away from the beaches.

  • Butterfly and Nature Conservatory – This conservatory in Key West allows you to view hundreds of birds and butterflies up close.
  • McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary – Specializing in rescue and rehabilitation, this wildlife sanctuary rescues and successfully treats hundreds of animals each and every year. They are then released back into the wild. Guided tours are available, with most allowing you to view nearly 200 animals. Appointments are required.
  • Discovery Cove – If you’ve ever wanted to swim with dolphins or pet some exotic sea creatures, this could be the best place to do it.
  • Manatee Snorkeling – Guided boat tours that make special stops for snorkeling in zones where manatees are frequently sighted. These attractions are located near Orlando and Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park.
  • Falling Waters State Park – This state park is based around natural sinkholes, one of the largest of which is part of Florida’s tallest waterfall (73 feet).

Must Do's When You Visit Florida

Visit a Theme Park

Theme parks can be a destination in themselves. If you’re going to go to Florida, skipping at least a short visit to one of their world-class theme parks would be a waste.

  • Busch Gardens – This theme park offers thrill rides, live entertainment, and thousands of animals all in one place.
  • Wizarding World of Harry Potter – A Universal park that any Harry Potter fan would be thrilled to visit. This theme park located in Orlando
  • Walt Disney World- Consisting of several linked amusement parks, Walt Disney World offers a resort, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the World of Disney, and more. You could spend a week in the park and not get to everything you would want to do- and that has nothing to do with long lines.
  • Seaworld Orlando – Arguably the best water park in Orlando, if not Florida, Seaworld Orlando offers the tallest, longest roller coaster, many shows, and animal experiences. They also provide some of the most well-orchestrated night shows.

Take in the Local History

Florida has a rich history as a place that has led to the advancement of science, art, and architecture.

  • Dry Tortugas – Snorkeling, camping, swimming, and exploring a 19th-century fortress are all things you can do at this national park.
  • Ancient Spanish Monastery –  The entire monastery was brought from Spain to be rebuilt in Florida in its entirety. It was shipped over in 1925 and reassembled around 1952.
  • NASA Kennedy Space Center and Complex – Located at Cape Canaveral, any space enthusiast, must make a trip here at least once in their life.
  • Coral Castle – For lover’s of art, architecture, and romance, Coral Castle is a must-see in Southern Florida. The entirety of the Coral Castle took 28 years to carve and was done almost exclusively by one man.


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