7 Ways Parents Can Support Their Kids' Teachers

The most important thing a parent can do to help further their child’s education is to support teachers. Your child’s teachers are on the front lines every day providing the building blocks for literacy and math education. There are a variety of ways you can show that you’re on the same team. Here are seven that are most effective.

1. Volunteer at School

The number one way parents can get involved and support their child’s educational efforts is to be present. Inquire at your child’s school about volunteering. This can be in the form of chaperoning a field trip, working with the PTA, helping out your child’s teacher in the classroom, or assisting the office with various types of paperwork. Additionally, ask about fundraising opportunities to help raise money for programs at your child’s school.

2. Donate Supplies

Another way you can help out at your child’s school is by donating items. Teachers, with increasing numbers of students and decreasing budgets, often have to pay for supplies out of their own pockets. This can put a strain on a struggling teacher’s budget. One way you can help is to send in donations such as tissues, hand sanitizer, dry erase markers and anything else that your kid’s educator needs.

3. Provide Books at Home

Next, it’s important to partner with your child’s teacher and support literacy education at home. There’s no need to provide direct instruction to your child to help improve his or her reading level, but there is something important that parents can do. Regularly take your child to the library to pick books that are interesting. Additionally, keep sets of books in the house that you purchase and swap them out for new ones when your child outgrows them. Check out used bookstores for bargains and amazing deals.

4. Offer Support for Instructional Tools  

Parents can also participate in their community schools and educational opportunities by supporting different initiatives for digital learning. Today, more schools are turning to digital programs such as i-Ready math and reading to help support literacy and math skills. These programs need your support to help them get up and running. Talk to educational leaders about the need for various digital learning programs like i-Ready math.

5. Attend School Board Meetings

It’s also important for parents to get involved in their local school board sessions. Most local school districts have a school board that meets periodically throughout the year to make decisions about staffing, budget, new school buildings, and anything else related to the community educational plan. Parents have a voice and can make an impact by showing up to these meetings and speaking up about important issues.

6. Monitor Your Child’s Progress

Parents should also make it a point to be a close monitor of their own child’s progress. Today, many school systems use digital learning platforms for grades, standardized testing, and other markers of a child’s progress. Be in the know and be aware of what your child’s progress looks like by staying on top of digital learning platforms and checking your child’s grades regularly.

7. Communicate With Educators

Finally, one of the best ways a parent can support their child’s educational progress and ensure success for their child’s future is to be in constant contact with the teachers. Most teachers today use email to keep in touch with parents. Don’t wait around for your teacher to send a message about behavior or potential problems. Instead, at the beginning of the school year, make it a point to introduce yourself and state how invested you are in your child’s education.

A child’s success is determined often by a parent’s investment into their education and their partnership with their child’s teachers. If you want your child to get the most out of his or her education, follow these tips for greater success.

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