5 Tips to Take Your Photography to the Next Level

Whether you’re a professional paparazzo or whether you just like taking pictures for fun, why not resolve to get more out of the photos that you take? Regardless of whether it’s a career move or just a hobby, taking your photography to the next level will allow you to improve your snapping skills and end up with a better finished product.

Here are five ways you can step it up a notch with regards to your photography:

Start capturing the moments in between poses

Sometimes, the best photographs are those that are taken off the cuff. You should, then, pay just as much attention to the candid snaps that you capture in between poses as you do to the ones where everybody is staring at you saying ‘cheese.’

Chances are when you start capturing the moments that take place in between poses; you’ll find that your photographs come to life with laughter and smiles that aren’t forced for the camera. The end result? You will have pictures that tell the whole story of the time in which they were taken.

Ask your subjects to turn slightly

By turning your subject’s bodies ever so slightly but asking them to carry on looking straight into the lends, you will add more depth to your photographs. What’s more, this kind of pose is also quite slimming.

Forge a connection between yourself and your subject

If you can forge and harness a connection between yourself and the subject of your photography, you will bring your photos to life like never before. This will create a magic that is unexplainable, even to photographers that have been in the business for years.

In order to forge this kind of connection, you have to go above and beyond to befriend your subject during the time you spend together. Ask questions about themselves, flatter them, laugh with them, show that you are curious to know more about them — by doing so, you will create snaps that stand the test of time for years to come.

Allow your subjects to bring their own playlist to the set

Making your subjects feel comfortable during their time on set with you is key. Quite simply, the more comfortable they are, the better their photographs will turn out.

To make them feel comfortable with you taking photographs of them, you should allow your subjects to bring their own music playlist to the set. This will lighten their mood and give them something else to focus on other than the camera you are pointing in their face.

Buy a quality printer

Taking quality photos is one thing, but actually seeing them retain their quality once they have been printed out is another thing entirely. To ensure all of your picture-taking efforts aren’t wasted, you have to invest in a printer of the highest possible quality. You have to ensure that you have ink and toner that will do your snaps justice, too — Epson Strawberry cartridges are perfect in this instance as, as stated at Cartridge People, they are capable of providing you with photos that are crisp, clear, vibrant, and vivid.

By taking your photography to the next level, who knows what kinds of opportunities could come your way?

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