A blog name is probably one of your most important decisions you will ever make about your blog. If you already have a blog, then you can read this and consider it for your next blog. Many bloggers opt to start a 2nd blog since their first one is often their training ground. They learn so much the first time around that they are ready to really get serious on blog #2.

There are some definite things to consider when starting a blog and picking your blog name.

Sound it out – Spell it out

When you start picking your blog name, you should look at it from every angle. Is it easy to remember? Do you have a word in the title that is easy to misspell? Are you planning to use numbers, dashes, or unusual spellings? When you look at it written out, does it possibly spell something else?

Check Availability

You can check to see if your name is available by doing a quick search at godaddy.com. If your name is already used with the .com, you probably shouldn’t pick it as the .org. You don’t want to have your readers accidentally visit your competition because they forget the ending address.

Check Social Media

If you are planning to be a serious blogger, you will want to have your blog name match on social media. Check facebook and twitter immediately to make sure no one else is using your preferred new blog name.

Does it match your focus?

Don’t let your name be too narrowly focused unless you plan to stay in that niche. If you use a word that makes people think of deals and coupons, it may be assumed you are a deal blogger. Some people love to name their blog based on their season of life. mommyofbabygirl.com or mycollegeyears.com etc….. This is fine unless you plan to continue blogging after that season. What if your blog grows and then your kids are in highshool? You will still be contacted by diaper companies and no will understand that you are ready to talk about more grown up products.

Picking a blog name is one of the most important things you will do in your blogging journey. Choose wisely. Do you love your blog name? Got any advice for bloggers who are choosing a new name? I’d love to hear!

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