Moving cross-country can be a logistical nightmare. You must coordinate a major relocation, switch jobs and pack up your current home on a fixed timeline (and budget). You may even need to sell your existing home as well. As complicated and stressful as this experience can be, it may be even more complex when you move cross-country with children. This is a huge project, and you will need ample time to address all of the items on your to-do list. In addition to giving yourself a reasonable amount of time to get the work done, consider applying these tips to your efforts for a smoother process.

Clean House

If time allows, it makes sense to complete a thorough spring cleaning of every room in your home. Remove all items that you no longer want or need. You may be surprised by how much junk you have accumulated in cabinets, drawers, closets and the garage. This process can take many long days to complete depending on the size of your home, but it can dramatically reduce the amount of packing and unpacking required. It can also help you to stay organized.

Pack at Night

When you pack up a home with kids, they understandably may feel emotional or stressed when they see items getting disassembled and packed in boxes. Consider packing closets, cabinets and other hidden areas first to keep the kids’ stress level as low as possible. Keep décor up until the last week. In addition, pack at night to further decrease their stress and anxiety. This may also be helpful if you have young children who may be inclined to start emptying boxes as you pile things inside of them.

5 Essential Tips for Planning a Cross-Country Move with Kids

Sell Items of Value

You likely will come across many valuable items that you no longer need or want. For example, there may not be a place in your new home for the large dining room table and china cabinet that is in your formal eating area right now. You may sell some items online or through a garage sale to raise funds. These funds can be used to pay for extra moving supplies, a truck rental, moving services or even a reward for your kids once the move is completed. For items that you cannot sell, consider donating them. By doing so, you may receive a tax deduction.

Hire Help

If you can afford to do so, hiring long distance movers may be one of the best steps that you can take to simplify a long distance move with kids. The movers can handle all of the loading and unloading while you keep an eye on the kids. They can transport the truck and all of your belongings while you get the kids across the country to your new home. You may even ask movers to assist with packing and unpacking boxes. This can save a substantial amount of time and effort.

Make Travel Plans

You may be so focused on preparing your kids for this transition and packing up your home that you overlook the important step of making travel plans. You may need to relocate several states away, and this is a long road trip to take with kids. You will need to book hotels to stay in along the way. If you intend to fly with the kids, make transportation arrangements for your car. You will also need to book your airline reservations.

Relocating with kids is a massive undertaking. The stress of this situation can cause even the most patient and relaxed individuals to pull their hair out but nothing is insurmountable. Each of these tips provides you with substantial benefits and can help facilitate an easier relocation.

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