Quick Tips to Writing Great Product Reviews

Many bloggers enjoy doing product reviews. They are a way to help readers learn more about an item before deciding if they want to purchase it.

Sadly, not all reviews on the internet are helpful. If you want to be one of those bloggers that writes great, informative product reviews, follow the easy tips below!

1. Always test out the product!

Your readers aren’t looking for generic information they can find from the brand’s website. It’s very dishonest – and unethical – to publish a product review for an item you never actually used.

1. Always test out the product!

2. Detail your experience.

A simple “I tried it and it was great” will not cut it for a great product review. If you really think it was great, tell everyone why! Sharing your experience helps your visitors decide it the item is good for them.

3. Always be honest in your review.

If there’s a way the product can be improved, or something you didn’t care for, don’t be afraid to say it. While taking care not to totally bash the product, it’s important that you share the cons of a product as well as the pros.

4. Use a captivating yet informative headline.

Your readers shouldn’t have to guess what your product review is about when reading the headline. On the other hand, you want it to capture their attention.

Examples for a Dyson vacuum review:
– Bad: This is a Good Vacuum Cleaner
– Okay: Dyson Animal Review
– Great: My Floors are Spotless, Thanks to the Dyson Animal!

Use a captivating yet informative headline

5. Always include quality pictures.

Again, viewers aren’t looking for stock photos when reading reviews. Capture the use of the product in your photos. For example, clothing reviews are always better when someone is wearing it in the photo, rather than it lying on a bed.

6. Mention special considerations.

Will this product require batteries that aren’t included? Would it be better for school-aged kids rather than toddlers? Make sure you state these facts, so consumers know more about what they are buying.

7. Share the link to the product.

If the product you are reviewing can be purchased online, include a direct link so readers can easily find it! Better yet, include an affiliate link if possible. It will be a win-win for you and your readers.

8. Proofread your reviews.

Grammar and spelling issues can make a product review a nightmare to read. Make sure you check the content before you publish. If you can, exchange this service with another blogger so you both can get fresh eyes on your reviews before posting them.

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