4 Natural Ways to Recover from the Flu

Suffering from the flu leaves you restricted, restrained to a bed and unable to fulfill your daily routine – which only adds a whole new level of stress and restlessness to this uncomfortable illness, as many people find themselves resenting not being able to relax, go to work or socialize. That’s why a quick recovery is always beneficial: and here are 4 natural ways you can make that happen much more quickly. 

1. Get Plenty of Rest and Sleep

Staying in bed whilst suffering from the flu isn’t advised just because you won’t have the energy to do anything else; it’s also because sleep is one of the best forms of recovery, in order for your body to recuperate and heal itself. By remaining active and pushing yourself to fulfill daily tasks, not only are you risking your body becoming easily fatigued and therefore worsening the symptoms of flu, but you also increase the risk of spreading your flu germs around and infecting family, friends or coworkers.

While sleeping can be very uncomfortable or feel near impossible when you’re suffering from the flu, you should take any measures to make your bed more comfortable, such as propping your head up with an extra pillow to loosen the congestion in your nasal passage.

2. Get the Nutrients Your Body Needs

In order to best fight the flu, your body needs to be provided with the best tools. This means healthy ingredients and solutions which can promote a quicker recovery. You should fill your body with the good stuff in order to best fight the bad stuff. Reset IV provides tailored IV treatment, which contains all the important nutrients and medication that your body needs to recover from the flu quickly and efficiently. 

3. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of fluids gives you a greater chance of combatting the symptoms of flu. Having a fever means your body is going to be significantly dehydrated, especially if your nose is constantly running and being blown. You need to tackle this loss of fluid by making sure that you’re drinking enough. Healthy juices and water are essential, and you should avoid caffeinated drinks, which will only dehydrate you further.

4. Use Steam to Your Advantage

Steam can be an excellent helper in clearing your nasal passages. It also helps to clear your throat of mucus build-up, therefore relieving some of the symptoms of coughing, general uncomfortable blockage and headaches. You can try a long, steamy bath or shower (if you feel safe and able to stand up whilst ill), or you could try holding your head over a basin of hot, steamy water. This works better if you wrap a towel around your head and bowl in order to best contain the steam. 

You also have the option of sweating it out in a public sauna if that is preferable (as long as you can avoid the spreading of germs), but this suggestion may be better towards the end of your recovery when you feel more able to travel around.

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