Revamping Your Home, Made Easy

Over the years, your tastes could change, and interior design trends will shift, which can lead to dull, outdated, or unsightly décor that might make you want to spend less time in your home.

If you are tired of your current surroundings, you may want to quickly make some changes to fall back in love with your property.

For help transforming your interior, read these helpful tips on how to easily revamp your home in 2019.

Tweak a Room’s Layout

Reconfiguring a room’s layout can transform its look and feel. For example, you could position sofas or armchairs to face one another in a living room, which could create a symmetrical, social space. Play with furniture positions to maximize light and space while encouraging conversation.

Add Texture with Cushions

Cushions are a simple, affordable update that can completely change a room, as they can add texture and softness to your interior design. All you need to do is incorporate various scatter cushions in different:

  • Styles
  • Shapes
  • Sizes
  • Materials
  • Colours

Change Your Flooring

Add a touch of style and luxury to your interior design by laying down high-quality flooring, which can unite your furniture and color scheme. For example, remove worn, stained carpet and incorporate high-quality solid wood or engineered flooring, which could make a room appear both spacious and modern. Discover the perfect flooring option for your home at Kens Yard.

Switch Your Dining Room Chairs

A dining set can be expensive. To reduce your expenditure and quickly transform your dining room, you should change your dining room chairs. While you can buy new seats to complement your dining room’s color scheme, you always have the option to re-paint or upholster your existing chairs. You should then finish off an interior with complementary accents, such as a photo frame or centerpiece in a similar style.

Incorporate Bold Accents into Your Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom can be both expensive and time-consuming. Instead, inject some personality into the much-used space by incorporating bold accents, which can make your bathroom look as good as new. For example, vibrant yellow towels, toothbrush pots and a bath mat will ensure your guests remember the interior for all the right reasons.

Hang a Mirror in a Hallway to Welcome Sunlight

It is common for hallways to look dark and drab, especially during the dull winter months, as they often welcome limited natural sunlight. Increase light in the space by hanging a giant mirror, which will reflect any sunlight inside the entrance hall and make a room appear brighter and bigger.

Update Your Window Treatments

New drapes or blinds can be an effective way to give a room a facelift without damaging your finances. Browse the market to find the best design and price for your budget, as you can often find ready-made window treatments from various haberdashery and craft stores. You also should pick drapes that will complement a room’s color scheme, as you could pull out hues from your feature wallpaper, cushions or decorative accents.

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