As a parent, your job is to prepare your teens for adulthood. Understandably, teens are often more interested in having fun than in receiving life-skills training. Engage your kids in the process with a fun, hands-on approach to imparting life skills. In addition to teaching must-know information, the following ideas will help strengthen your parent-child relationship.

Hold a Cooking Challenge

One of the most critical skills for teens to learn is how to prepare healthy meals on a budget. Challenge your teen to plan, shop for, and cook a complete meal for the family. As the moderator, you get to control the difficulty level of the challenge by setting the budget for the meal. A lower budget makes for a greater challenge. You can also assign must-use ingredients.

Make Something Wearable

Buttons fall off and seams rip. Teens need to learn how to repair and adjust clothing. Don’t settle for teaching them only how to do minor fixes. If you teach full sewing skills, they’ll be prepared for any wardrobe malfunction that arises. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to sew either. A sewing class is a great way for you both to learn. Once you’ve mastered basic stitches, try your hand at applique embroidery designs.

Have a Fire Extinguisher Shoot-off

A teen who hasn’t experienced a small house fire may never have seen a fire extinguisher in action. You must prepare your teens to quickly and efficiently put out a fire. Hands-on practice with cheap fire extinguishers is the best way to learn. In the backyard, let your kids take turns spraying them at a target. Afterward, hold a family water fight to clean up the yard and celebrate your life-saving new skill.

Get Ready for a Trip

Going on a trip is fun, but getting ready for travel can be a lot of work. Even packing a suitcase can be a challenge for a teen who’s never done it before. To help your child develop this skill, plan to go on a trip together, whether an overnighter or a week-long vacation. Provide sample packing lists and demonstrate how to organize necessities in a suitcase. Once the bags are packed, you’ll be ready to set off for adventure!

Learning life skills doesn’t have to be boring. Present new skills as a game or an exciting opportunity. As you have fun together, you’ll marvel at how responsible your kids are becoming.

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