Business School Personal Statement Writing: 9 Traits of a Professional Piece

When applying to business school, applicants are typically required to submit a personal statement essay. This paper serves to explain to the admissions board why a student is interested in attending a particular school. Thus, it can play a very important role in the overall admissions process.

Of course, not every student is comfortable with academic writing. They may otherwise have the skills necessary to succeed in business school, but they lack the ability to express their passion for the subject matter in writing.

If you’re this kind of student, don’t worry. The following tips will help you better understand how to craft an effective personal statement. You could also benefit from ordering a professional business school personal statement from an online writing service. Expert writers will provide you with an affordable custom personal statement written from scratch.

In the meantime, when planning your personal statement, remember that it should include the following essential qualities:

  1. Be Specific

Just about every single person applying to your business school of choice is going to try to convince the admissions board that they are particularly qualified to enroll in the program. That means you can’t simply tell your reader you have what it takes to succeed at their business school. You need to point to specific examples from your academic and professional career indicating precisely why you’re a good fit.

  1. Highlight Your Special Traits

According to the assistant dean of admissions at Yale Business School, a personal statement should demonstrate to a reader that an applicant possesses the necessary qualities to serve as a leader in the business world.

Too often, applicants believe they will be more likely to impress an admissions board if they write about extreme personal experiences they have had. This often results in personal statements that stretch the truth. Instead, it’s important to merely choose true examples from your life of instances where you demonstrated your ability to grow as a person and become the kind of individual who succeeds in leadership roles.

  1. Be Real

Many students who are uncomfortable with academic writing make the mistake of trying too hard to sound formal. They believe they don’t have strong professional writing skills and try to compensate by avoiding any informality in their language.

While you should absolutely use clear, correct language when drafting a personal statement, you don’t want to come across as a robot. You want to make sure the person reading the paper feels as though they are reading something an actual human being wrote. It’s entirely acceptable to include humor or similar elements in order to give a reader a sense of your personality.

  1. Be Memorable

Taking the time to truly identify stories from your life that would make for an interesting and genuine personal statement is very important when applying to business school. Again, an expert at Yale Business School points out that admissions boards must read a large number of personal statements every year. That means applicants should work hard to ensure they craft a paper that’s memorable.

  1. Focus on Current Achievements

You may be very proud of certain academic achievements from high school. However, that was years ago. An admissions board wants to know you have recent achievements you can point to. They won’t be impressed if you were class president when you were sixteen years old. They want to know you’ve maintained and developed those leadership qualities.

  1. Explain Why You Chose This School

No matter what type of story you tell in your personal statement essay, in the end, it helps to conclude with a few paragraphs explaining why you want to attend this specific school. Go into as much detail as possible to ensure the admissions board understands you did not choose to apply to this school arbitrarily.

  1. Focus on Your Background

While not every single applicant will benefit from this approach, if you are a member of a minority group, and this experience has impacted your worldview, it can absolutely be useful to talk about your background. Business schools look for students who have interesting life experiences and perspectives.

  1. Point Out Actions

Yes, it can be important to let the admissions board know that you have a strong academic record. However, it’s also important to cite times in your life when you took clear action towards your goals. Simply studying hard and performing well in your classes is not enough to set you apart from the crowd. The reader of your personal statement is looking for examples in your life where you went above and beyond what is typically expected of most students. Perhaps you formed a club or started your own side business. Demonstrating that you are a proactive individual can boost your odds of getting accepted into your school of choice.

  1. Write Well

Of course, including all these details won’t necessarily result in a strong business school personal statement if you don’t have strong writing skills.

That’s one more reason to purchase a custom personal statement from expert writers at service. While you may have many other skills necessary for success in a business school program, if writing isn’t one of them, it helps to have a resource you can turn to as you work towards improving your abilities.

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