5 Unexpected Gifts for Your Partner

Surprising your partner can be hard work. If you have a big anniversary coming up or a special occasion that warrants a special gift, then you might want to get them something they might not expect. Thinking slightly outside of the box is an opportunity to show them that you really know them and that you want to treat them.

A Food Hamper

If you and your partner first bonded over your love of food, then a carefully selected food hamper is an excellent way of showing them that you know them inside and out. Filling it with local cheeses, hand-selected hams and charcuterie items and craft alcohol add an artisanal dimension to your hamper. If you happen to live in a warm climate or near a park, surprising them with the hamper provides an unexpected setting to enjoy the selection, too.

A Cookbook From Their Favorite Chef

If your partner just can’t get enough of a celebrity chef, then buying a hardback copy of that chef’s latest cookbook is a present that has a purpose to it, too. It is something you can eventually enjoy together by experimenting with and cooking the recipes inside. If you have the means to, then slipping a reservation for two in the opening pages to the chef’s restaurant adds an extra layer of surprise they won’t be expecting.

Warm Clothes For A Weekend Away

If you and your partner have always fanaticized about visiting somewhere cold and mystical, such as Iceland, then surprising them with a warm coat will provide some guesswork before the reveal. Finding a toasty duffle coat from Gloverall, for example, will give them a new favorite coat for the winter, and one that will soon come with lots of memories, too. Receiving a new coat is always wonderful, but knowing that you’ll soon be watching aurora borealis or watching the snow settle outside of your cabin is the cherry on top.

Marshmallows For Toasting

A bit like the coat, the implication here is about what follows after. Pairing them with some expensive toasting forks and maybe even a bottle of sparkling wine is a not-so-subtle way of showing them that you have a trip planned. If your partner is an outdoors-lover, then planning a camping getaway is a great opportunity to spend evenings toasting marshmallows by the fire and spend quality time by the fire-side. If camping is a little too rustic for you, then glamping or booking a hut in the woods will give you the wilderness experience with a dose of luxury.

Something Handmade

If you have a hidden talent that you rarely get to showcase to your partner, then now might be a great to show them what you’re truly made of. Painting a landscape of their favorite vacation spot to sit on their desk, or something that evokes a personal memory will be a gift that no-one else would be able to offer them. Something that’s made from your own hands shows that not only thought went into the present, but also time and effort.

For a surprise to be truly special, you have to think about what your partner would really enjoy. Selecting items that create excitement as well as intrigue is the best way to pull off a surprise. Adding your own personal touch to something can be a surprise in its own right and shows that it came from the heart.

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