Kids can have allergic reactions or get a stomach ache because of a bug. You do not want bugs on their food or close enough to bite or even sting them. The following are a few things you can do this summer to keep your little ones safe from pests.

A Quick House Inspection

One reason bugs get into a home is because there are cracks or openings for them. Sometimes, these openings are overlooked, but you do not want to do that this summer. What you want to do is pay attention to window seals and cracks around your homes, no matter how small, and address these issues. These are relatively quick and inexpensive solutions, so it shouldn’t be too hard to take care of.

House Plants Can Deter

Yes, there are a number of

houseplants that can make your home stink, well, to insects. What you want to do is have peppermint or other mint-like plants growing inside your house. The scent from these plants are too strong for insects so they will likely flee your house should they even make it in. Be sure to water your plants because the temperature will make them pretty thirsty.

Consider Good Insect Screens

Another way to keep your kids safe from insects is to invest in retractable flyscreens. These are usually fitted to your window specifications and blend in with whatever style of home you have. You will allow your kids to feel the natural breeze with these screens without worrying about insects coming into your home, putting your kids at risk. Make sure you keep these screens in good condition because a hole could jeopardize the integrity of the screen.

Use the Right Cleaners

Okay, so you know that some houseplants can make your home stink to insects, so you probably guessed that cleaners can do the same. What you want to do is use cleaners that contain peppermint, mint, or any other mint-like scent. There are other scents to consider like lavender, cedar, or even citrus as long as they are natural scents and not artificial ones. Stay away from fruity scents because these may actually attract insects to your home.

These suggestions should definitely help keep your kids safe from bugs. Be sure to apply bug spray when you are going out because bugs are all around us.

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