Many businesses used to thrive because of the tools and equipment that they had available. Some of the tools are obsolete because of the advanced level of technology that exists now. However, some of the tools that used to be responsible for carrying businesses are still alive and well because of today’s technology. The Internet keeps such tools alive today by providing business customers the ability to use them in a different way. The following is a list of five obsolete business tools that the Internet keeps alive to this day and these tools will most likely live for a long time because of the Internet:

1. Fax Machines

Fax machines used to be crucial members of a business’ operational team. Business employees would stay in touch with business partners and customers by using a huge physical fax machine to send facsimiles of original documents. Fax machines were amazing because they allowed people to send documents without visiting the local Post Office. Hardly any business use fax machines anymore. However, the Internet has saved this business tool by offering business owners products that allow them to send and receive faxes by email. Many of these programs save money for businesses. Business owners no longer have to worry about purchasing expensive fax machines or the maintenance that one needs to keep the machines running efficiently.

2. Switchboards

Businesses like hotels, casinos, and hospitals use to rely heavily on physical switchboard equipment. They used to have to hire employees who were familiar with all the buttons that connected a caller to the appropriate department. The equipment that most of these places had was huge and expensive. Such equipment is now obsolete, but the service is not. The Internet keeps it alive. Businesses can now purchase PBX software that replaces the equipment that they used to have to purchase. The software has a variety of features that provide the businesses with a high level of convenience.

3. Floppy Disks

Floppy disks used to reign supreme. Nowadays, everything goes to the cloud. Even memory cards and USB sticks are becoming obsolete because of the cloud. Cloud storage is taking over as the proprietary place of storage for all business information and consumers data. Cloud storage helps businesses to run efficiently, and it is quite cost effective.

4. Time Punch Cards and Machines

The days of the old-fashioned time punch cards and machines are just about done because of the Internet. Employees used to have cards that they would have to stick into a metal machine that punched a hole in it. Today’s software and technology allows employees to use their mobile phones and fingerprints to establish their presence at their place of employment. The new improvements allow employer and employees to keep more precise records. They also eliminate the cost of purchasing fallible machinery. Internet-friendly software has removed many of the old duties of the payroll department. Such software has saved consumers a great deal of money over the years.

5. Rolodex

The old-fashioned Rolodex is obsolete and has been obsolete for many years. The Rolodex used to be a physical piece of equipment that held the names, numbers and address information of the business’s contacts. Internet address books and mobile phone contact lists have replaced the Rolodex over time, but they have not replaced the concept of such equipment.

The Internet has saved quite a few business tools over the years and still continues to do such. The biggest benefit of these Internet services is that they end up saving money for businesses.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Faxage, a leading company that provide internet fax services for individuals and businesses.

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