4 Ways to Make Sure Your Loved One Is Safe at The Nursing Home

Despite the benefits of assisted living and nursing homes, many people worry about their loved ones staying there. It’s true that some institutions have developed a poor reputation over the years, but is it time to completely shun these facilities? Absolutely not.

Care should be taken to ensure that your loved one is safe and comfortable in a nursing home, of course. You should always visit the facilities to make sure that it’s a good fit for your loved one. You can increase the safety, comfort, and quality of life of a senior residing in an assisted living or nursing home by following these tips:

#1 Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Some people may be nervous about asking questions about the safety of a nursing home or assisted living facility. After all, you want to appear polite and compassionate, but you don’t want to seem overly suspicious either. You should never be afraid to ask questions about the quality of care at a senior living or nursing home, especially if your loved one needs special assistance for any reason. You wouldn’t hesitate to ask questions about a hotel before booking a room for your vacation, and you shouldn’t hesitate to do the same when it comes time to choose a place for your loved one.

#2 Visit Senior Living Facility Near You

It is important to be informed before putting any senior into a nursing home or assisted living facility and visit the facilities first. You want to ask questions about the safety of the building, and how it is protected by fire alarms or sprinklers. You can also check the equipment they use, for example, are they using adjustable beds? Do they have pressure mats available if needed? You can see a wide range of medical equipment at medical-supermarket.com. You want to make sure your loved one will be safe in the event of an emergency. Some facilities have even begun including things like smoke detectors and sprinklers in their monthly rate.

#3 Consider What Happens If Your Loved One Needs Emergency Medical Treatment

It is entirely possible that your loved one, who is residing in a nursing home or assisted living facility, could very well need emergency treatment. It’s rare, but it happens. What happens if this occurs? How quickly will the facility respond? Are paramedics able to respond efficiently? These are important questions to consider when you are choosing a nursing home for your loved one. You can talk with other families who have relatives living at the facility for more information about their experiences and how happy they have been with the quality of care provided by the establishment.

#4 Ask Each Nursing Home What “Best Practices” They Have For Senior Safety

You’ve probably heard many horror stories about nursing homes, especially those that have been the subject of high-profile lawsuits. You may have even heard about them from family members or friends. It is important to think about this before choosing a senior living location for your loved one. Do the facilities put safety first? Are they using home safety guidelines like fire safety and smoke detectors? If you’re concerned, do your own research and find out what other families are saying about the facility or nursing home before settling on it for your loved one.

In the end, your loved one is trusting you to make the best decision for their care. Be sure to thoroughly research facilities before making a choice and remember: if you have any concerns, these can be alleviated simply by talking with families that are currently living in a facility. Besides, the staff of most nursing homes or assisted living facilities will gladly answer any questions you may have about how they run their business and what materials they use for safety and fire prevention.

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