Instagram has become a place where we document our lives in pictures everyday; whether it’s a nephew’s second birthday, cheering at the game with friends, or the tuna rolls at that fancy sushi restaurant. BooksTo.Me makes these memories permanent on the pages of a beautifully bound book. We lovingly pull your images from Instagram every month and place them in an 8”x8” book which is shipped straight to you. The best part is, you don’t have to do a thing!

Memories, no matter the season are extremely important in my home. With seven children and a busy life, I feel like I miss much and am always looking for ways to preserve those milestones of our lives. I want to thank BooksTo.Me for introducing me to their easy solution to the photobook.

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BooksTo.Me offers a very simple sign-up process. Complete the questions to create your account, select your plan, enter payment details and connect your Instagram account.

They offer two plans to choice from: one book every month, or one book every three months. They will automatically pull every image you post during that period of time, and print them in a hardbound book that is shipped directly to you.

BooksTo.Me is the fixed price you see in the plan and there is no extra charge for number of images. Even shipping and handling is included in your plan fee, so there is no hidden cost with their service.

As a consumer, BooksTo.Me is a great monthly solution for taking your Instagram memories and placing them in a keepsake book. This takes the hardwork out of making a photobook and if you have created a few in your time, you know that the process can sometimes be a headache. The finished book makes and excellent gift idea or even memory books to store for when you need a little reminder of the days that came before.

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The book itself is a nice hardback with soft feeling cover. The pages though are a basic paper and for that, you need to take great care with them. When sharing with younger children, keep in mind the pages are as easy to tear as an everyday book. However with a bit of watching over, BooksTo.Me can become a wee ones favorite picture book in no time.

Keep in mind that the photo quality is exactly as what you upload. So for the best printed photos, take care to check lighting and angle for the best results. As you can see in the two examples above and below, the clearer the Instagram upload, the better the result.

In the event that you are just looking for a book showcasing a special event such as a wedding or even a birthday, it is important that you plan your Instagram photos ahead. This in my opinion is the downside of the BooksTo.Me process. Each photo you do not want seen in your photo book must be tagged with #noBTM.

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Now in my previous experience, once a status is on Instagram there is no changing it. So you need to already have made the decision that you want to document on these photos or all of them not tagged with #noBTM during that month or three month period will be placed in the book. For someone like myself who also posts photos for my job on my Instagram account, this can lead to disappointment. However if you are someone whom is the everyday consumer or only adds photos of meaning to your Instagram profile, you should not be effected by this issue.

There is no harm in giving BooksTo.Me a go during the holiday season if for no other reason than to preserve those important moments that can be overlooked and even forgotten over time. A one month subscription book can hold up to 320 photos. That is a lot and for many of us enough to capture every smile!

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