Do you suffer from sore and aching muscles? I know I sure do. I have tried over the counter pain relievers, heated patches, and heating pads. However it seemed as though these products only offered temporary pain relief. I was excited to be given the opportunity to try Biofreeze Perform products, to see how they could handle my muscle aches and pains. I had seen Biofreeze products before, but never took the leap to try them. Here are my results with this product. All opinions expressed are my own.

I received three Biofreeze Perform products for review. These products included the Biofreeze 360͒ Spray, Biofreeze On The Go Singles, and the Perform Biofreeze Foot Pain Therapy Pack. Biofreeze offers a variety of products to designed to meet your pain relief needs and well as lifestyle.

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Before I begin by review, let me tell you a bit about what Biofreeze was up against. My husband and I are in our late thirties and mid forties. We like to think we are active, but we still find ourselves suffering from aches and pains. These can be more painful after a long day of work such as yard work or housework. Since we also have two young children, so it is important that any pain relief products we use have as little side effects as possible. We don’t need to experience any drowsiness or other side effects that can keep us from doing our job as parents. Here is how the Biofreeze Perform products worked for us.

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The first product I put right to use was the Foot Pain Therapy Kit that advertises it “delivers temporary pain relief for sore and tired feet, heels, and arches.” So right there I am in! As a work at home mom I am either on the go somewhere or at the stove, kitchen sink, or in the laundry room-back and forth. Not wearing shoes with proper support also doesn’t help. My feet hurt in the morning and at night so I needed an intervention and was excited to give this product a test run. The box comes with a roll on applicator-bonus, so this means no touching the gel with your hands. It also makes it easier when applying the gel on another person. The box also contains a Thera-Band Foot Roller and Instructions for various exercises for stretching your foot muscles to relax and limber them up I like how the product doesn’t just include the pain reliever, but these tips on how to lessen and prevent pain in the future. I followed all of them after applying gel and felt a noticeable difference in my feet immediately, even more so after doing it several days in a row. The gel is cool and feels great. This is a product that you could benefit from using weekly, especially if you are in an occupation where you are on your feet for long periods of time.

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The next item was Biofreeze 360 spray. Now normally you have to hold cans at a certain angle or it won’t spray. Using a spray can such as this makes it difficult to get spots like your own shoulder, or the back of your knee, etc.  My husband tried this product and the first thing he noticed was this easy spray feature, followed by a nice even spray that covered well. You can hold the can at any angle and get great coverage without spray jams. You also don’t have to encounter touching the product, which means cleaner hands and easier application. This spray is ideal for back pain, leg pain, or arm pain. There is no Last is the Biofreeze On the Go Single. where you need it. Who doesn’t want pain relief on the run? These small packets are easy to toss in a purse, wallet, or glove compartment. Whenever you find yourself with muscle aches and pains, all you need to do is open a pack and apply. Great for travel, these packets can fit just about anywhere and leave you with more confidence should soreness or pain pop up. I was able to throw one in my purse and in the car should pain happen. Because the odor is low and application isn’t messy, it is easy to apply it to a sore neck or shoulders discreetly. I

If you are looking for quick pain relief-give the line of Biofreeze products a try. You will find that there is a product that easily fits your lifestyle and pain management needs.

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