If you surf the Internet, you will find a wide variety of websites. Some are for large corporations, with dozens of people responsible for their maintenance. Others are tiny blogs, maintained by only one person living in a studio apartment. The contrasts can be quite extreme. When you are going to design a site for your online business, you need to consider how other people are going to perceive your site. Image is very important in the business world, even if your business is very small. If people visit your site intending to buy something and they get the wrong vibe from your site design, this could cause them to leave. What your site says about you is an important detail to consider. This is because the public’s perception of your site literally has the power to help or destroy your business.

1. The look of your site

The first time a person visits your website, what they see will play a large role regarding whether they stay and browse, or leave immediately. Nowadays, people make the decision to stay or leave in a matter of seconds. Therefore, you only have that long to catch their attention and make them realize they have come to the right place. If your site looks like something from the dawn of the Internet, you will not be impressing too many customers. You will be turning them off in droves. People will wonder how you can be so out of touch with what is going on today in terms of web design. They will not want to shop at a website that is not cool. Just like that, you have lost sales simply because of how your site looks. This should demonstrate how important e commerce web design really is to the success or failure of a site.

2. The functionality of your site

How smoothly do the pages on your site transition from one to the next? Does it take forever to navigate around your site? If your site gives users the experience of a dial-up connection, they are not very likely to continue visiting your site in the future. People have limited time, so they value speed. They can’t afford to spend all day waiting for pages on your site to load. Having too many graphics is a prime cause of slow page load times. You must realize that not every person visiting your site will have a fast connection. Therefore, you must make sure that these people are not penalized for this. Limit the amount of graphics on your site to ensure all users have a quality experience.

3. Mobile compatibility

Nowadays, people will think you are not with the times if your site is not designed to be used by people trying to access it using a smartphone. If you do not take this step during the design process of your site, you will be losing a large amount of business. This is because millions of people use mobile devices to go online.

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