Do you ever finish writing your blog post, push publish, sit back and then wonder why nobody reads your blog posts? Maybe you have written an amazing article, and people stop by for a quick visit but leave within seconds, leaving you to wonder why they didn’t stay and read your post. There are 3 things that may be keeping readers from reading your blog posts.

Why Nobody Reads your Blog Posts

1. The post is full of mistakes.

This is one problem that many beginning bloggers face. They are not seasoned writers and may have poor editing skills. The concept for the post may be strong but the execution is poor. If readers have to wade through incorrect grammar or misspelled words, they won’t stick around and they definitely won’t share your post.

Fix this: If you feel that you may have grammatical errors, ask a trusted friend or more experienced blogger. Have them correct your spelling errors and offer suggestions on cleaning up your grammar.

2. The content is weak.

Before you hit publish on your post, think about what you have said. Is it worth promoting? Do you have something new to bring to the table? Why did you write the post? If it doesn’t stand on its own, then you may want to save it till you can add more meat to the post.

Fix this: Look at your topic and then find a new perspective. Read other blogs, books, magazines and other columns in your field. The more you read about your topic, the better you will be able to discuss it. Share the content from your experience using your own expertise so people will need to read it.

3. The colors and font are distracting.

Have you ever visited a post that has a fancy font for the post that is hard to read? Maybe the whole post is written using italics or too many capital letters. If your font is hard to read or blends into the background, you will quickly lose some readers. If you enjoy the design aspect of blogging, then focus on changing the colors and fonts of your header image – not your body text.

Fix this: Look at your text and background color. Can you see a distinct contrast? Is the text easy to read with a clear font choice. Is it standard so that readers can read it on any of the various browsers? Do a test on other browsers or devices to make sure it is easy to read.

Have you been making any of these three common mistakes? These are easy fixes to make and should make it easier for readers to enjoy reading your posts.

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